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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wreck This Journal

One of my favorite gifts I received for my birthday was a book called "Wreck This Journal" by author Keri Smith. As you can tell from the title, it is a journal-type book, not a storybook or novel. In the book, there are instructions on each page (I don't know how many pages there are, because on the first on you are instructed to add your own page numbers) that you can follow in any order to get you to the end result; a messed up, beautiful piece of destruction.
"Tie a string to the journal. Go for a walk, drag it." 
Here's what Amazon.com says about it: 
"For anyone who's ever wished to, but had trouble starting, keeping, or finishing a journal or sketchbook comes Wreck This Journal, an illustrated book that features a subversive collection of prompts, asking readers to muster up their best mistake- and mess-making abilities to fill the pages of the book (and destroy them). Acclaimed illustrator Keri Smith encourages journalers to engage in "destructive" acts-poking holes through pages, adding photos and defacing them, painting with coffee, and more-in order to experience the true creative process. Readers discover a new way of art and journal making-and new ways to escape the fear of the blank page and fully engage in the creative process."
I have been have a lot of fun with the book; it's a great way to get out of your comfort zone. For example, who would've thought I'd ever stick a chewed-up piece of gum inside a book, and then throw the whole thing across the room before taking it in the shower with me? The possibilities are, literally, endless. My friend has a "Wreck This Journal" as well, and we've decided to record some of the more exciting things that can be done with the journal. We've only made a few videos so far, but I can assure you that they will end up on this blog sometime soon. :)


Quote of the day:
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